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Is it time for you to take a Journey?

We all must journey with God.  Some need to overcome a past while others need to heal. Whatever the case, God desires us to walk with Him.  How do we journey with God?  

The good news is we can help!  We have compassionate ministers who can help you begin a journey with God.  Your journey can't be walked by anyone else but you and God.  However, we can help encourage and challenge you at the beginning of your journey until you are comfortable to walk on your own.  We do not use a formula or give you a premade guide. Each Journey is as unique as each person.  We walk with you, not for you.  If you need a journey with God, let us walk with you.  To begin a journey or for more information please fill out the form below and a minister will contact you soon. 

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Submition Success.  Time for a Journey!

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